An odd gnuplot error and a work-around using maxima_tempdir


I also have this problem in the latest windows installation—on the same machine that long filenames were never a problem before in Maxima.  To fix it choose the sbcl version of maxima, as described at My Windows Installation.


I have a student running wxMaxima on his windows laptop.  He has partitioned his hard drive so he can run Windows 10 as well as other operating systems.

When he attempts any plotting command, he gets an error:


The part of the error message with directory name TANUSH~1 says to me that there is some problem with the long directory name, possibly also a problem caused by a space in that directory name, possibly due to the way those new partitions are formatted.

As a workaround, we set the maxima option maxima_tempdir to point to another directory and all worked as expected:


Of course, that new directory will now fill up with files with names like maxout_xxxx.dat and maxout_xxxx.gnuplot, but that was already happening in the default directory.  A natural feature for wxMaxima to include in future releases would be to clean up the directory by deleting all those files when the program is stopped…


1 thought on “An odd gnuplot error and a work-around using maxima_tempdir”

  1. You can create your maxima-init.mac file with all the commands you normally use and don’t want to type each time. In this file you can also define the path to maxima_tempdir so all the files maxout_xxxx.dat and maxout_xxxx.gnuplot will be dumped here. For example, I have:
    linux → /home/your-user-name/.maxima/maxima-init.mac
    w7 → C:\Users\your-user-name\maxima\maxima-init.mac

    linux → /home/your-user-name/Documents/maxima/tempdir/
    w7 → C:\users\your-user-name\maxima\tempdir

    Hope this helps

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