Multivariable Optimization in Maxima

I’ve been working on a few problems from multivariable calculus, with and without the method of Lagrange multipliers.  I’ve learned a lot about the solve command, and also become much more comfortable with the amazingly flexible plotting command wxdraw3d. The calling sequence of wxdraw3d looks a little daunting compared to wxplot3d, but the added flexibility — especially the ability to superimpose several plots on the same set of 3D axes — is really brilliant!

Here is the HTML export from my wxMaxima session.  You can get to the .wxmx file from a link at the bottom of that page.


Limits for functions of two variables

The Maxima limit command is limited (ha ha) to functions of a single variable.  We can use Maxima to approach the issue just as we do by hand computation:  reduce to single variable limits by considering that the vector variable (x,y) approaches the limit point (a,b) along paths of the form (x, y(x)).  Here’s a nice example from my Multivariable Calculus Class