Collecting all my little matlab-like Maxima widgets in one place

Since I’ve been using Maxima (circa 2016), I’ve occasionally missed some little feature from matlab and coded up a replacement for maxima, with a corresponding blog piece here at the Maximalist.

Some examples are find(), diff(), pause(), size(), cumsum(), diag(), and a few list indexing utilities. Also a help() utility that mimics matlab.

Here’s a mac file with all of those in one easy-to-load place: matlabesque.mac

Its help() entry reads like this:

matlabesque.mac contains:
 for any of the above functions,
 help(function_name) returns help lines for function_name

2 thoughts on “Collecting all my little matlab-like Maxima widgets in one place”

  1. These look handy! Some small suggestions:

    For a variable to be local within a block, you need to write block([var],…). Writing block(var:…) assigns a value to var globally.

    You should rarely if ever need to use eval_string/simplode in programming. I suggest you rewrite find by recursing on the structure of the expression, not its string representation.

    You don’t need to write sequal(oo,”=”) or sequal(oo,”<") etc. You can instead write member(oo,["=","<", …])

    Here's a simpler way to define cumsum:

    Hope this is useful.



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