$latex \int x^2 dx$

I’m testing the latex math-mode utility in WordPress.com.  The first thing to know is that based on the way the title of this post appears, the latex utility doesn’t work in post titles.

The rub here is that MathJax would be the natural solution, but WordPress.com isn’t compatible with JavaScript.  

That leaves us with $, followed by the word latex, followed by my latex markup, followed by a closing $ , which I illustrate  below with a screenshot because I don’t know how to quote a string verbatim in WordPress:


This works OK as inline style math \int x^2 dx and I think we could simulate display math mode like this with manual paragraph centering and with the optional size argument &s=1 inside the dollar signs (the default size is 0)

\int x^2 dx

and then back to inline for f(x).

And there it is.

The official guide to the  WordPress \LaTeX utility  can be found here.


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