Maxima Language Code Translations

Have you seen these sites?  and  provide a valuable help for users who need to solve a problem in a new language:  Line-by-line comparisons  with lots of other languages.

For Maxima users, Hyperpolyglot’s computer-algebra system section  has side-by-side tables of comparisons with Mathematica, Maple, Sage and Numpy.

Rosettacode is arranged by task, with user-contributed solutions to common tasks in lots of languages.  I was motivated to write this post while working on a new Maxima version of an ordinary differential equations course I’ve taught for years using MATLAB.

 Here is Rosettacode’s section on the Euler Method  — a method for numerical approximation to the solution of a first order ordinary differential equation.

For the record, this is the version I decided to teach in my course:

(    /* Euler Method for  initial value problem
          y'=xy ,  y(0)=0.5   */ 
for i:1 thru nsteps do (

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