How to fix the \tag{}\label{} glitch in the wxMaxima “export to HTML” output


**Update:   This seems to be fixed in  wxMaxima versions > 16.04, but it remains an issue for MacOS users, who for the moment are stuck with an older version of wxMaxima.*****

The work flow in some of my classes involves:

  1. students doing work in wxMaxima
  2. exporting to HTML
  3. printing as PDF
  4. submitting the resulting document to a Dropbox link

The process is usually very slick, with only a few headaches.  Here is one such pain:  occasionally the result of a Maxima command will be displayed in the HTML document like as


That seems to happen if the expression name (here the matrix A) has been used before in the same session and the mathjax  latex-ish tag labeling gets confused by a multiply-defined tag.

To work around that, unselect the “Show user-defined labels instead of (%oxx)” option in Configure/Preferences.  That way, unless an exported document is the result non-re-evaluated cells between several Maxima sessions, the labels should be unique.


And one last thing:  If the work has been done (and saved) between several wxMaxima seesions, it’s possible that the number output lines like %o23 etc  might not be unique, so before exporting, I suggest Cell –> Evaluate All Cells.


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